We support non-native Japanese speakers living in Japan.

Well-being Make works with a wish that foreign people(non native Japanese speaker)

and Japanese people can live peacefully together 

Our activities: 

1. GET ALONG talks (to make new friends in a multicultural society)

2. Make-up therapy (for encouragement,build self-confidence)

3. Some international friendship events

The purpose of our activities is to give them encouragement through helping with make-up, and to build self confidence in speaking basic Japanese language.

*We love make-up and we believe it stimulates a feeling of well-being helping foreigners to adapt themselves in a new place. So, if you need advice about make-up or life in Japan, we will be happy to help you! 

- Get along talks -

【 Get along talks 】

We have once a month a “Get along talks”.

The purpose is a free conversation for meeting people and sharing experiences.

Do you want to learn and practice Japanese? This is a perfect chance for it.

Let’s get together and have fun!

2018 1/28, 2/25, 3/25, 4/22, 5/27, 6/24, 9/23, 10/28, 11/25

■Place:Sayama citizens exchange center.

(Sayamashi shimin koryu Center)

・1-3-1 ,irumagawa, sayamashi, saitama


■Fee:300 yen

Please make sure the place everytime.

You can check this events on facebook or please call me.

■ Facebook : Sayama Support for Foreigners【Well-being Make】


■Tel: 080-1162-5534 Ozaki

■Sponsored by Well-being Make

Your brightness can make a Social contribution
and change the world.

【Rouge Girl】Courage,Hope,and Possibility.

Rouge girl is a special program of Make up for well-being.

On special occasions Makeup can express a new "I" and you can feel your new possibilities.


【 Rouge Girl 】

〜To change the world by one stick of lipstick〜

When a little girl touches her Mother's lipstick -The curiosity.

When a girl buys lipstick with her own money -The joy

When a women falls in love with someone,when she is applying lipstick -The happiness

Every moment is filled with happiness.

This is mysterious and the most beautiful experience.

Just one stick of lipstick can show you a whole new world.

Do you want to open new doors to a new world by using red vivid lipstick?

Why lipstick?

In 2010 I worked as a Tour Conductor In Cairo,Egypt.

I visited famous sights and enjoyed local foods under the blazing hot sun.

While looked out of the coach windows I could see the lows of houses in the ancient city.

I was able to purchase some souvenirs as I anticipated my return to Japan.

I felt a lot of relief after passing through Airport security.

Prior to boarding the Plane I went to the bathroom.

When I went to a bathroom some teenager girls were satting on the floor.

In Egypt, it's a usual sight, so I didn’t pay much attention to them as I walked by them.

After that, as I stood in front of a mirror fixing my make up one girl walked toward me.

I felt anxious because I was afraid She might steal something from me.

The girl came close to me and stared at me as she sat on the dressing table.

After looking at each other for a split second I came to my senses.

I then said ”do you want this" in English.

Her face lit up with a broad smile.

She had been interested with the lipstick in my hand.

When I handed her the lipstick her smile was brimming with warmth and happiness.

I have never forgotten this memory and the possibility of making someone smile.

Her smile has remained in my heart.

At the time I had no idea that I would one day become a makeup Therapist,

but now it's become part of my daily life.

Just one stick of lipstick can change your world.

Putting on lipstick can work for every generation and circumstance.

Every woman will certainly smile with a beating heart.

These women will all desire to see their reflection in a mirror.

Putting on lipstick can give courage, hope and possibility.

I belive lipstick has power, so that's why I want to change your world.

Noriko Ozaki

Phone 080-1162-5534  

Address 350-1305 

Sayamashi Saitama

Noriko Ozaki